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M.N.Davis & Son Vintage inspired All Brooklyn NY Made #Totebags

M.N.Davis & Son originally started by designer Mariko Nakaya’s side back in 2007. She wanted to make bags that looked and felt like her favorite vintage items, and that were made with that… Continue reading

Designer Ruby Chen Designs Influenced by Animals and the Environment

Ruby Chen is a designer and maker who runs a little studio with her husband called M+T Design, inspired by animal and nature around us. The husband and wife team have a sensitivity to the… Continue reading

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes a Curated Online-Marketplace Allowing Art Lovers and Artists to Express Themselves #totebag

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes ArtworkHeroes is a curated online-marketplace allowing art lovers and artists to express themselves by buying and selling affordable art print products. What makes ArtworkHeroes especially heroic… Continue reading

Australia Based Designer Hello Penny Creates Cute Owl and Squirrel #Totebag Prints

            Hello Penny is a designer based in Australia, After more that a decade of painting professionally, Hellopenny decided to take a new direction to the side of artmaking, and… Continue reading

Malaysian Illustrator Minifanfan Creates thoughtful Character based Tote Bags

Eng Gee Fan, also known as Minifanfan. She has a wonderful Chinese name called “依凡” pronounced as Yī Fán. She is a Malaysian Chinese, raised in a small town called Kota Tinggi and… Continue reading

Marseille Based Illustrator, Lolita Picco, Creates Collage inspired #Totebag Printed Designs

Lolita Picco is an illustrator and designer based in Marseille, France. Lolita creates surreal collage illustrations, which are created for print and clothing, some of Lolita’s illustrations have been created into little products… Continue reading

The Super Rad Nail Sisters Rohani and Rosalie Osman The Finger #totebag

The Super Rad Nail Sisters are Rohani and Rosalie Osman. Coming from fine art/textiles and animation/illustration backgrounds, respectively, these girls have decided to use their talents on the micro canvases that are your… Continue reading

Painter Illustrator Deth P. Sun Character Totebag Prints Make you Smile

Deth P. Sun is a painter/illustrator currently residing from Berkeley, Deth P. Sun creates work which is show in exhibitions with other fellow artists a few times a year as well as creating… Continue reading

Pinecone and Chickadee Tiger #Totebag and Broccoli Screen Printed Bags

Pinecone+Chickadee is a collaboration between graphic designer/illustrator, Amy Teh, and her musician husband, Noah DeFilippis. The duo work with screen printing to create their printed work. Pinecone+Chickadee is a small brand based in… Continue reading

Berlin Based, Illustration Artist, Ana Albero, Character #totebag Print

Ana Albero is a illustration artist based Berlin. Ana has established a wonderful illustration style, which is rich in narrative and story telling. Ana’s illustrations has a interesting depth full of detail which… Continue reading

French Designer Juliette Collet of Zü designs happy cloud Tote Bag

Created in May 2010, the Zü brand offers creations of decorative accessories, illustrations and a range of stationery. The creations are made in France in as small collections. As a trained graphic artist… Continue reading

Bordeaux Based Designer, Yumicha Creates Interesting Character and Icon #totebag Prints

Yumicha is a designer based in Bordeaux, France, after spending many years working in Paris for different design agencies. Yumicha works as a designer offering different design services to a wide and varied… Continue reading

Dutch illustrator, @BartAalbers Quirky, Eye and Hand #totebag Prints, Watch Out for These Oversize Works

Dutch illustrator Bart Aalbers. has been busy, in between illustrating amazing character illustrations, his had time to work on some tote bags too. I featured Bart in the Tote Bag Book, Published by… Continue reading

Sarah Ray’s Fun and Bold #totebag Illustrations Offer Something Uniquely Different.

Sarah Ray’s fun and whimsical illustrations offer something uniquely different. She produces a range of greetings cards and screen prints that show an unusual take on life and its idiosyncrasies, to make anyone… Continue reading

Depeapa, aka, Verónica de Arriba, from Granada, Spain, Creates these Beautifully Illustrated #totebag

Verónica de Arriba from Granada, Spain Creates these beautifully illustrated tote bags under her brand name, Depeapa, the Spanish for “from start to finish”. Verónica has bee successfully designing products for 5 years and, and… Continue reading

SewSew Totes, Quirky Character Tote Bag Prints Created by Designer, Claire Walls #totebags

Claire Walls is a designer from the Northwest of england and the creator for SewSew. A little design company that has some cleaver and big ideas. SewSew make all of their products by hand. which… Continue reading

Tiny Little Umbrella, Individually Hand Dyed, #Totebags in Oak Cask from Santa Cruz, CA, United States.

‘Tiny Little Umbrella’, is a independent designer, creating handmade products such as the tote bags above. Each bag in this series has been individually hand dyed in an oak cask, then screen printed… Continue reading

Korean Born Illustrator Boyoun Kim, From New York City, Creates Whimsical Cats and Illustrated People onto #ToteBag

Korean born illustrator Boyoun Kim, based in New York City, creates whimsical tote bag illustrations of people and cats, for her tote bags. Beautiful hand screen  printed stylised illustration, for those who like cats, or may… Continue reading

Print Magazine, The Carry Hope Charity Tote Bags, Created by 13 Design Studios

Büro Destruct for Greenpeace James Joyce for Save the Children Laurent Fetis for The World Wildlife Fund Spin for Bone Cancer Research UK Print Magazine invited 13 of their favorite designers to submit… Continue reading

Sanjay Patel, Ramayana Graphic Illustration Tote Bag & Book

Sanjay Patel, has illustrated The Ramayana as a graphic retelling with more than 100 vibrant and whimsical illustrations, as well as sketches of the work in progress, maps, and a detailed glossary of the… Continue reading

Gemma Correll, Love of Pugs and Tote Bags

Gemma Correll, stylized illustration is very distinctive. A very humorous and witty style of work that always makes you smile and laugh, here are some great examples of her wit and love of Pugs which… Continue reading

Franz Tormers, New Zealand based Designers, Tote bag Creations

Franz Tormers is a creative collective based in Christchurch, New Zealand making graphic tees, totes, prints and other designer goods. Everything comes in very limited edition runs (between 10 – 50), their concept… Continue reading

Zoë Ikin, Cameo Tote Bag

A graphic designer by day, Zoë Ikin brings a perfectionist hand and ideas-approach to all of her work. The Cameo Tote Bag is a modern twist on an icon of vintage glamour. This… Continue reading

Rockwell Clothing Handmade Bag by Daver

Rockwell Clothing, the brand by Dutch artist Parra, presents a series of handmade tote bags with Daver. It seems like the bags have been produced out of t-shirts, featuring the designs by Parra.… Continue reading

eboy & Paul Smith, Tote bag Collaboration Project

eboy and Paul Smith collaborated together to create this fetching tote bag, an all over print fabric made for paul smith, with which craftsmanship and attention to detail are guaranteed, you will certainly have some very envious looks… Continue reading

Girlgang, Hot Dog Head Bag, Pop Printed Bag

Girlgang, Colour-pop printed streetwear and accessories for girls who just wanna have fun! – pinklady – a born and bred Londoner, with a view to creating a powerful look that was all about… Continue reading

David Murray, Seibei Bold Red Dinosaur Character Print

David Murray runs a studio called Seibei. David goes on to say that he started creating stupid cartoons to make his friends laugh. the approach was to lighten up and take it easy… Continue reading

Nate Williams, Silkscreened Limited Edition Totes

The Design AgencyFuria asked Nate Williams to create a pattern for a tote bag, a limited edition print for the recruiting agency’s, SESA Select, 30th anniversary. They also produced a book that featured 30… Continue reading

Made By White, Crafty Tote Bag Prints

Made By White, is a crafty brand set up by 2 best friends who like to create brooches, necklaces and much more, from a range of colourful materials. The pair find inspiration everywhere… Continue reading

Young Designer Jan Willem Wennekes a.k.a Zeptonn Funcky Character Tote

Young designer Jan Willem Wennekes a.k.a. Zeptonn from The Netherlands finds his motivation to create in “conveying happiness and bringing a smile” to the viewer’s face.  Although he’s an A.I. and Philosophy graduate… Continue reading