HelloMarine Creates Punchy Pom Pom Hat Pattern #totebag graphic bag

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Hello Marine Pom Pom

Pomme Tote

Pomme Tote

HelloMarine was born in Paris, grew up in South of France and moved to Brighton to study Graphic Design. Now living and working in Brighton as an illustrator she divides her time between commissions for clients and personal work that she exhibits regularly. 

HelloMarine loves and is inspired by music, fashion, the Ye-Ye movement in France in the sixties, vintage toys, car boot sales, polka dots and patterns in general, grizzlies, tipis, Alfred Hitchcock films…

With some figure work both striking and memorable, HelloMarine’s work can be described as vivid, vibrant, sometimes retro or slightly surreal. 

The detailed patterns on the Pomme and pom pom totes bags draw your eyes to the tote bags, The intricate pattern detailed, will keep you visible to anyone around you. You almost want to wear the Pom pom tote bag on your head, dont get t confused however this tote bag, will look great carried on your shoulder rather then keeping your head warm, or you could be brave and pair it with a actual wooly Pom Pom hat.

The Pomme tote bag is great from your grocery shop, a perfect fit, to show your green conscious, as well as being seen as healthy.