Stitched Owl print Sewn onto #totebag by Embroidery artist Rosanna Geissler

Rosanna Geissler Embroidery owl toteprints blogRosieG Embroidery was created in 2010 by Rosanna Geissler. All Embroidery artwork is created by Rosie and a basic sewing machine. Rosies website states , all products are created with patience, care & attention to detail, plus as every embroidery piece is sewn free hand on a sewing machine so no two pieces are ever the same!

Beautifully sewn / stitched owl print, This is a ingenious method, which I dont think I have come across before on a tote bag. A good level of skill has been put into this tote bag which is quite obvious. The details and overlapping sewing stitch, enhance the owl illustration, and the stitching itself gives the tote bag a different dimension to a printed tote bags you would normally see. You almost would like to touch the tote bags and feel the tactile stitching of the tote bag.

Were slowly moving into autumn and winter, this tote bag by Rosie would make a great little gift or personal purchase. I always tend to think of owls as majestic creatures, and sometimes associate them with halloween, which is also soon coming up.