Cardiff based Illustrator, Katy Webster Creates Bold colourful illustrated Fox and Cat Graphic #Totebag Prints

Tote Bag Prints Blog Miri Katy WebsterTote Bag Prints Blog Miri Katy Webster Tote Bag Prints Blog Miri Katy Webster

Miri, is a design brand which produces unique accessories, jewellery and cards designed by artist and printmaker Katy Webster, based in Cardiff Wales. ‘Miri’ means ‘fun’ or ‘celebration’ in Welsh and is the inspiration behind the designs. Miri, is a fun brand which is inspired by animals and nature, a styllised illustration style which is colourful and whimsical. The animal graphic prints such as the

Grumpy cat design in light grey & charcoal, yes, cat don’t like the rain, its its pretty clear from the cat inspired tote bag print, this is one unhappy cat under a grey cloud. If you’re the kind of person who likes to over think things, you might stay at a distance from anyone who carry’s this bag just in case they turn around and give you a mean stare, Or you could be the one letting others know of your bad mood, a great little print with hidden messages.

Fox tote Bag, woodland fox design in orange & charcoal, has eyes like the Mona Lisa, they seem to follow you anywhere. Don’t be afraid however, I doubt this tote bag will bit, after all it is a tote bag. It’s a bold graphic print and colour which will make you stand out from the cloud, and who does not like foxes?

Cat tote bag, Percy cat design in ultramarine blue, is a cat which has got the crème. Katy has captured the essence of the cat well with this tote bag print. Who hasn’t seen a cat, which likes to curl up and ooze attention effortlessly.