Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes a Curated Online-Marketplace Allowing Art Lovers and Artists to Express Themselves #totebag

Artists Create Tote Bag Art with ArtworkHeroes

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ArtworkHeroes is a curated online-marketplace allowing art lovers and artists to express themselves by buying and selling affordable art print products. What makes ArtworkHeroes especially heroic are our up-and-coming artists. With the help of their talent we can pass on 20% of our profits to amazing international charity organizations.

Bacon by Anne Philipp – Anne Philipp is a young Danish artist with a great love for illustration. She is currently enrolled at the Kolding School of Design based in Jutland, Denmark, where she specializes in social design. She gets the inspiration for her illustrations from people and animals – seems to be a popular thing among the ArtworkHeroes – and uses humour as a key ingredient for her artwork. Anne draws exclusively with a ball-point pen and generates a couple of colours on the computer. A self-pronounced geek when it comes to details, techniques and contrast.

3XFISH by Philip Liljenberg – Based in Gothenburg the Swedish painter, graphic designer, photographer and much, much more, Philip Liljenberg, creates his popular paintings of Scandinavian sea life along with a bunch of other projects. The inspiration for his artwork comes from growing up on the Swedish west coast and a natural fascination for nature and especially the sea.

She is Complicated. by Signe Beck – Artwork by Copenhagen-based artist and freelance illustrator Signe Beck would probably score rather high on the ‘quirky scale’, if there was one. Signe’s artistic universe is full of dreams, weirdness, humour and surprise, and she is on a mission to cause amusement, joy and reflection for anyone who enters her world of art.

Diamonds #1 by Camilla Konradsen – Camilla Konradsen is an extremely diverse artist, who does illustration, design and animation, and has worked on numerous of different art projects. Alongside her art projects Camilla studies Visual Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Aqurela Me Elephant by Pom Graphic Design – Pamela Gallegos, a Peruvian Artist born in Miami, USA is the vision behind Pom Graphic Design. The art focuses on natural elements in all its force, including organic and multicolour geometrical shapes in all pieces. Pamela communicates her art through oil & acrylic paintings, drawings in pencil or rapidograph to include digital as she has an accomplished career as a graphic designer at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

The number of worldwide independent artists who we feature is constantly growing and they are always on the lookout for new heroic talent. Artwork heros are headquartered in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark, while all of the quality products are produced under fair conditions in sunny California, USA.

At ArtworkHeroes they believe that great art can come from everywhere and anyone. Everyone should be able to enjoy world-class artwork and to express his or her personality in a creative and beautiful way. Furthermore, creative talent has, not only the power to tear down borders connecting people from all over the world, but also the power to make the world a better place.