Sanna Annukka

Can we shop in style and save the environment in the same time? Sanna Annukka is convinced that we can, proposing two of her tote bags. Illustrator and print maker, the half Finnish,… Continue reading

Tristan Eaton of the Thunderdog Studios

Better known as Graffiti Artist, Illustrator & Toy Designer, Tristan Eaton of the Thunderdog Studios, is the creator of the Runts, a limited edition of cute, pop art characters. The Runts are standard… Continue reading

Custom Made

Bright colors, pretty prints and recycled fabrics seem to be the keywords for the Custom Made creations. Custom Made is a range of accessories owned by designer Anna Butler. The prints are characteristic… Continue reading

Pentagram, Tote by Angus Haydun

A tote bag designed for the Pentagram Marks launch edition, it promotes an important part of the Pentagram’s activity. They believe that marks (pictorial or abstract symbols, logotypes, letter monograms, books or building… Continue reading

McFaul Studio

Playing with nature inspired themes- an explosion of trees and birds, sky full of clouds, seasoned with online popular symbols, the vectorial shadows on these McFaul Studio creations lighten the day of any… Continue reading

Keren Richter & Vans Collaboration

This acid pink and yellow on white background  tote is a signature product from the work of the very popular artist Keren Richter, which was designed for the Vans’ spring collection. The tote… Continue reading

Josh Cochran

The suburban and amazing style of the Brooklyn-based designer Josh Cochran gives us something to remember in the prints of those two tote bags. A modern approach of the classics: the design is… Continue reading

Andrew Bannecker

From the talented artist and illustrator Andrew Bannecker you wouldn’t expect nothing less than beautiful creations. He says it himself, using the prints on the tote bags:” Recycling is beautiful” and also “Think… Continue reading

Sirena Con Jersey, Briliant Tote Prints

These are some great looking prints created by Sirena con Jersey. The style is very cute and bold

Obey Tote Bag

Shepard Fairey’s Is a well know artist, and you wont go wrong with this print he has created, find it at The Giant

Could a bag really save the world?

An example of typography making a positive statement, a great example of work.

Printbrigade Save The Animals, Tote Bag

Plastic bags suck. Over 100,000 animals a year mistake them for food and die. DA and Chris Piascik (Doodle Artist) Created this lovely screen-printed canvas bag

Yorkshire Terrier Cotton Tote Bag

Hot pink damask print. a nice little cute print very girly

Monkey Dozen Tote Bag

12/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Monkey Dozen A great little cheeky print from

Hands Tote Bag

12/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Hands Medical Tote Bag A lovely simple Tote bag print from

Love Birds Tote Bag

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Love Birds Organic pioneers, Stewart + Brown, use the finest sustainable materials available to create functional styles while extracting the bare minimum from earth’s precious capital. In addition… Continue reading

Tote Bag with Paint Design Francis Bacon

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Francis Bacon Tote Print A Beautiful Cotton canvas tote bag with design using Francis Bacon Studio, on sale at the Tate Gallery, London

Romp Perfect Tote Bag Print

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Perfect For Valentines Day A great looking print, perfect for Valentines day.

Welcome to Tote Prints

11/02/2009 : FEBRUARY TOTE BAGS Tote Prints Welcome to my new blog, I have created this blog to bring together Tote Bag Prints. I find them interesting and unique, the more personalised they… Continue reading