Laurence King Publishing, Book Spine Silhouette #totebag Artwork

Laurence King Publishing, held a party to celebrate thier 20th year as independent publisher. I was very pleased to have been invited and enjoyed the celebrations. It was a pleasure to meet a… Continue reading

One and the Same, Black & White Sketch Converse and Photography #totebag Artwork

One and the Same, is a design studio created by Alessandra Olanow based in Brooklyn. Using simple but deliberate lines, Alessandra’s drawings always sparked conversation, sketching down at the local bar, at the park,… Continue reading

Nicole Docimo, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) is the Italian Word for Bicycle, Creates Green Themed Tote Bags #totebag

Nicole Docimo, who is an artist and illustrator living in Boulder, Colorado, USA, where she runs her brand, Blue Bicicletta (beach-ee-clet-ta) which is the Italian Word for Bicycle. Nicole enjoys making art–it feels like riding her blue… Continue reading

PhriendlyK8, Custom Tote Bag, Made To Order, High Eco Friendly Credentials #totebags

PhriendlyK8’s, PhriendlyK8’s Threads, who began sewing a few years ago K8, enjoys Sewing as a passion. K8 creates every single tote bag for a specific person, once that person sees it, they know that… Continue reading

Pembelalay, Royal Blue Zut Alors Beach Tote & Graphic Rose Tote, #totebag

New york based Pembelalay, inspired by vintage travel posters, frivolousness, anything pembe, ‘60s movie fashion, alliteration, polka dots, underdogs, cadbury fruit + nut bars, and everything parisienne. Pembelalay designed this power flower with the hopes… Continue reading

Rob Ryan, Tote Bag Designs Have a Naive Charm, Bright & Beautiful Illustrations, Incredibly Cute with a ‘Feel Good’ Factor #totebag

Rob Ryan collection has a naive charm with its bright and beautiful illustrations that also makes it all incredibly cute with a ‘feel good’ factor The birds and bells tote bag, has a… Continue reading

Upcycled Street Banner Bag, Made From Rescued Street Banners, These colorful Creations Are Made by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean Non-Profit Based in Seoul

Upcycled Street Banner Bags are made from rescued street banners that would otherwise have been discarded. These colorful creations are made by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean non-profit based in Seoul that… Continue reading

Tim – Upcycled Suit Tote is made from a vintage wool suit with a multicolored corduroy shirt & reclaimed sofa leather

This 100% Upcycled Suit Tote is made from a vintage wool suit with a multicolored corduroy shirt, and the handles are made from reclaimed sofa leather. Each Tote can fit a laptop, and… Continue reading

The New Domestic Graphic Totes, Playful Permutations of Geometric Precision Triangles

Domestic Graphic Totes products are heavy weight recycled cotton canvas tote bags with screen printed patterns. All bags have diagonal pattern on the back for a two-in-one look. Triangles – strong with its… Continue reading

Unique T-Shirt & Shirt Tote Bag, Roll Up & Take Away Bags

Roll it up, pack it in your luggage. This bag unrolls into a convenient tote for your day trips. T-shirt totes are reversible. Choose which side to use according to your mood. Source: By Airmail… Continue reading

Tote Bag Gets Baperized, With Bold Bape Graphics, Kaws & Baby Milo Artwork

The original Tote bag gets baperized with these releases from Bape, The Bape tote bags designs feature a collegiate 2011 tote bag, A simple design with the “Bape Head” logo and a colaboration with… Continue reading

Wacko Maria x Porter ‘Guilty Parties’ Tote Bags

More totes for you blokes. These ones have some colorful bubble letters that spell out ‘Guily Parties,’ so they know you’re a bad man and not just a tote-toting wussy. Features a snap… Continue reading

A.P.C. Denim Tote Bags

French label A.P.C. has recently released some denim tote bags from their 2010 fall/winter collection. Printed with slogans such as “The Pope Smokes Dope 2″ and “Let Your Karma Drive Over Your Dogma,”… Continue reading

Ekawear ‘Wink’ illustration Tote Bag

Ekawear is a botique brand created by professional snowboarder in the U.K. Ekawear is a fair trade accessories brand with hats, headbands, scarves, mittens and apple computer accessories to name but a few of… Continue reading

Robot Tote Bag Graphic Artwork Round Up Part 2

Robot Tote Bag Graphic Artwork Round Up Part 1

Compiled here are a range of robot tote bag graphic artworks. Robots are a very interesting subject matter, and its interesting to see how designers each put thier individual spin on the futurisic… Continue reading

Tree Hugger Totes’s Gives New Life To Waste In A Bright And Blissful Way

Tree Hugger Totes gives new life to waste in a bright and blissful way. These bags are made from fused plastic bags and recycled fabric to make a striking statement that is earth-friendly… Continue reading

Holland Based Designer,Laurine Brugman, Silk Screened, Urban Graphic Print Canvas Totes Bags

Laurine Brugman is a designer based in Holland, and runs a studio called Studio Lau, where she works as freelance graphic designer. Laurine like to work on various projects, from designing book covers to styling clubs and… Continue reading

Repurposed Antiques Tote Bags, Recycled & Crafted From Repurposed Coffee Bean Sacks

Repurposed Antiques!  repurposed – to use or convert for use in another format or product. Repurposed Antiques take salvage finds and turn them into unique products, in this case, Coffee Bean Sacks recycled into… Continue reading

The Tote Bag book, Officially Published

The Tote Bag book. I had worked very hard on the book, having written and designed, and project managed the book. I could not resist seeing it on its officially published date in… Continue reading

Old Tom Foolery, Brainchild of Joel Gryniewski & Lauren Weinblatt, Mustache Typographic Tote Bag

Old Tom Foolery is the brainchild of Joel Gryniewski and Lauren Weinblatt—two ad-industry vets, have designed a intriging and cleaver Mustache Typographic inspired Tote bag. If your scratching your head thinking about the… Continue reading

Mike Lemanski and Sarah Mather, New Leaves Studio, Environmentally Friendly Tote Bags

New Leaves Studio was founded in early 2010 by Mike Lemanski and Sarah Mather. A collaborative effort to produce beautifully considered designs that are influenced by their everyday lives. The creative originality of… Continue reading

Mis Nopales Art, Tote Bag Artwork by Jose Pulido, Humorous Creature Comfort Bags

Mis Nopales Art, Tote Bag Artwork by Jose Pulido likes to print, which is clearly obvious from the above tote bags. Mis Nopales Art are wonderfully imaginative and quirky, You can admire these creatures which you know… Continue reading

Paris Based Designer, Memi The Rainbow, Creates Cute Eco Friendly Personalized Tote Bags

Paris based designer, Memi The Rainbow, has created personalised tote bags, being an object of common use should not be an excuse for neglecting the aesthetic side: she feels, the belief was to make the tote bags… Continue reading

Diana Bogunovic, Berlin Based Design Maker, Creates Funky Tote Bag Prints

Diana Bogunovic describes her work as quite different, because she does not like to limit herself one style. But my passion lies on collagen. Diana designed the tote bag for a souvenir shop, she mentions… Continue reading

Designer Ashley Austin, Fun, Colorful, Around-Town Kind of Tote Bag

Designer Ashley Austin began Fine Day Press in 2009, after several years working in the corporate design world. She creates notecards, tote bags and t-shirts based on her original designs and sells them… Continue reading

Tote Bags, Minimal and functional. Patterns and geometry. Janet and Trisha Snyder. These are the keywords for PAWLING

Minimal and functional. Patterns and geometry.  Janet and Trisha Snyder. These are the keywords for PAWLING | print studio in Washington DC. If you are looking for handmade prints and patterns for the… Continue reading

Skull Tote Bag Graphic Round Up

A selection of skull artworks on tote bags I have compiled for the tote bag blog.

Print Liberation, Typographic Slogan Tote Bags, Cleaver, witty and bold.

  Print Liberation has worked everywhere from sneakers and alcohol companies to museums and car shares to retail spaces and Major magazines, the tote bag work, which is most striking of their creations.… Continue reading

Domitille Collardey The Strand Tote Bag Contest, Tote Bag Artwork

domitille collardey (born 1981) is a French cartoonist and comic book designer. She is best known for her founding the Chicou-Chicou comics collective with Aude Picault. She currently lives in Paris, and Brooklyn, NY.… Continue reading