Animal Bandido, Colorful indie street-wear label

Striking colors, funky patterns and shapes, crazy names and a lot of bare skin, where does this psychedelic fuzziness originate from? “Nuevo orden mondial”, “Carcelona”, “Cabaret Macabro” are some of the newest designs… Continue reading

Amnesty International, Tote Bag

I was pleased today when Elena came into the studio today sporting a nice charity tote bag. Naturally I had to have a photograph of it for my blog. She kindly said she… Continue reading

Alison Carmichael Makes a Contemporary Statement, Tote Bag

Glossy magazine campaigns can sometimes be more than fluff, especially when they reach to an eco-conscious target audience with a responsible, powerful message to protect nature. “We Are What We Do”, same guys… Continue reading

Adidas Originals shopper Bag

The idea of carrying a branded tote bag like this Adidas Originals shopper bag may seem a little far from what it appears to be one of the tote bag’s goals: making an… Continue reading

David Downton, M&S Cotton Bag Range

Simple, but appealing, ecological yet glamorous, who’d have seen this M&S cotton bag range coming? Featuring the illustrations of the talented David Downton, the collection became real and also very popular. The UK… Continue reading

Two fashion legends, Karl & Jacobs, Totes

Two absolutely adorable tote bags from the design studio Pattern People, they feature famous faces made in plain black ink on natural cotton canvas. Known for their fashion prints, the team from Pattern… Continue reading

RightRides, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?”

Maybe you have already been asked “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?” or at least, you’d thought about it. This is exactly the question that RightRides– a New York-based non-profit, has an answer… Continue reading

Little Fury, Cheerful Totes

Although they have an impressive portfolio of branding and product packaging, Little Fury designers bring us those cheerful totes. They have a nice surprise that makes them really playful, the tote bags include… Continue reading

Print Liberation Studio, Bold and Unforgettable Prints

For the print liberation, Jamie Dillon and Nick Paparone from Print Liberation studio work non-stop to create “fresh, delicious, and new” stuff, like these totes here. Strong and clear messages on their products usually… Continue reading

New York Based Studio, Murder She Tote

Lady bugs on a lady bag, but also large confetti print for boys’ choice and a luscious Marylin Monroe print for tastes of any gender- these are only a few words to describe… Continue reading

Artist Jason Scuderi, Anti Totes

Called “Anti Totes”, they belong to a series of four designs, part of the larger ANTIMOTION project, which is a printed and digital identity project. Artist Jason Scuderi, known for his work in… Continue reading

Darling Clementine Studio, Ooh La La

French inspired slogans and French moustaches, geometric prints on minimalist canvases- they all define the new series from Darling Clementine studio, called “Paris!”. If their motto is to have good time at work,… Continue reading

Mel Lim, Cuteness Inspire Prints

How do design and business get along? Very well, in fact, if you are Mel Lim. The Malaysian designer started to follow her passion in adolescence and transformed it into a successful business.… Continue reading

Village, Type Inspired Tote Prints

Have you ever wondered who is behind all those fonts we use for artistic or plain writing purposes? Village is a type co-op formed by eleven type lovers of various nationalities, who create… Continue reading

Momorobo Studio,Two-Sided Print Tote Bag

Momorobo studio made this two-sided print tote bag for Wieden and Kennedy Shanghai, a creative communications company and aligned itself to the movement of artists supporting eco ideals through their work. An indie… Continue reading

Dustin Amery Hostetler, aka UPSO, Tote Print

There’s always a good time to make art, but probably the best moment is right now. The message of this tote goes right to the point, as a part of the profits goes… Continue reading

SPYE Design, NYC Design Studio

SPYE Design is a design studio based in New York City, known for their creations inspired by urban themes and symbols. Many of their products- like this pattern tote bag , reflect a… Continue reading

Montreal based, Pin Pals, Tote Bag

The Pin Pals are actually two girls, Sara and Sam, the talented self-taught crafters from Montreal who made this tote. Called “Housefoot” tote, it’s been hand drawn and printed on canvas, using black… Continue reading

Wyeth Hansen, “Make Some Noise” Tote

The graphic design belongs to Wyeth Hansen from Labour- a New York based small creative office. Together with his associate, Ryan Dunn, they approach a full spectrum of media, “from moving image and… Continue reading

Stewart Walker, Typographic Tote

How do you feel about typing? Would you wear something like A, B, C? Enthusiastic Scottish artist Stewart Walker is the author of this lovely typographic design. Appreciating “simplicity, detail and intellectual rigor”… Continue reading

Mike Perry’s, Pattern Tote

Straight from Mike Perry’s studio, in New York City, this pattern tote matches the taste of the urban culture lovers (and Mike Perry’s patterns lovers, in general). Also known as MIDWESTISBEST, the artist… Continue reading

Jess Neill, DIY design

A limited edition of 21 screen printed tote bags from the “friendly and sarcastic designer” Jess Neill , who lives and works in Baltimore, USA. The red, yellow and green totes show a… Continue reading

hellovon, Fleeting Secret

Called “Fleeting secret”, the design shows a girl’s head, hair in the wind, swept over her mouth, like preventing her from telling anything, a secret perhaps. As your eyes follow, you can see… Continue reading

Gemma Latimer

Gemma Latimer, a British freelance illustrator, amazes with this unique mix of eco-chic and anthropomorphic characters. Her collages are usually inspired by Circuses, Victoriana and Surrealism, as she defines her own style. Minimalist… Continue reading

Mia Hansen’s totes

Meet Mia Hansen’s totes, whose usual focus is on “clean modern layouts and beautiful typography”. She’s a young graphic designer living in Vancouver and her portfolio includes illustration for children works and also… Continue reading

The Dept, Studio

“Androids always win!” is a tote design from The Dept. studio, featuring blue android silhouettes on white canvas, a little army full of energy and enthusiasm.  The Dept. is an independent multi-discipline studio… Continue reading

DYI and Jim Datz’s creations

What do the DIY tote and Jim Datz’s tote have in common?Probably the fact that they were both created for “We Are Part of It” project which reunites various artists making nice things… Continue reading

Erica Dorn and Colette gallery Tote

“We love Paris” – is this just another travel statement or is it something more? This tote-bag design featuring bold zippers and orange buttons was made by artist Erica Dorn with Colette and… Continue reading

Alakazam and Medicom collaboration Bag

This  fabulous tote bag is the result of the collaboration between Alakazam and Medicom Fabrick.  The all-over print featuring a monster inspired theme is a signature work from Will Sweeney. The label of… Continue reading

Sarah J. Coleman

Depicted as a cheerful grocery bag, it can also feature as a trendy accessory to our urban outfit. This design was made by artist Sarah J. Coleman and for The Outfit, USA, the… Continue reading