Lisa Durrant Creates Hand Printed Blossom & Flower Garden Tote Bag Prints

Lisa Durrant, creates hand printed textiles with bright, fresh and modern prints. Influenced by natural forms, Lisa uses natural linens and neutral colours with splashes of colour to bring the designs to life.… Continue reading

A Lion in Pyjamas & Bunny and The Moon Cotton Tote Bag by Zosienka & Rosie Illustrations

Zosienka & Rosie, are 2 London based illustration artists who have collaborated together to create artworks 2 of which feature on tote bags. A lion in pyjamas! The drawing is inspired by a… Continue reading

Hello DODO are a screen printing couple based in Brighton, England. Hand print playful Seaside inspired Tote Bag designs in their teeny tiny flat

Hello DODO, are a screen printing couple based by the seaside in Brighton, England. Hand printing playful designs in their teeny tiny flat, their one aim is to make people smile :o) Here Come The… Continue reading

Best Of Brixton & Hackney Tote Bag by Lucy Loves

At LucyLoves you, will find many typographical prints inspired by things food, London, travel, music and more. Shop till you drop with this beautifully screen printed Brixton-and Hackney-inspired tote bag. It features artistic… Continue reading

New York Based Illustrator, Claudia Pearson, Creates #totebag Inspired by her Local Neighborhood

Claudia Pearson, graduated from Brighton Polytechnic, England in Graphic Design. She is passionate about animation and has worked with some of the leading animation companies in London. Her career started to bloom in… Continue reading

Turnstyle Promo #ToteBag Casual Folky Illustrations, for the Environmentally Hip

Turnstyle, many people say that promotional objects are things you throw away the second the “giver” looks away. This is not valid for Turnstyle tote bags, which have a fun twist that is… Continue reading

Edinburgh Designer, Emily MacKenzie, Creates Witty ‘Carrot Top’ Inspired #totebag

Emily MacKenzie, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She works mainly with ink, digital collage and screen printing and gets her inspiration from her childhood memories and imagination.… Continue reading

Homeboy, Gang Intervention Program Tote Bags by Artecnica #totebag

Homeboy Industries, is the largest gang intervention program in the US that provides ex-gang members the opportunity to build their own sustainable businesses. As part of Artecnica’s Design With Conscience Projects, the guys… Continue reading

Molly’s Sketchbook Echino Oilcloth Grocery #Totebag

Molly makes hand made colorful oilcloth tote bags. They are resistant and shiny, perfect for groceries or as a picnic bag, bringing a summer air in your life no matter the weather outside.… Continue reading

Mr and Mrs Yoke, Nature-Related #totebag Single Colours Printed Bags

Mr and Mrs Yoke, bags feature nature as their start actor! The designer uses one color only per bag and is passionate about anything “nature-related” from mountains, to clouds, trees and birds. The… Continue reading

Jo Murray from New Found Original makes, The Ping Pong #totebag

Jo Murray from New Found Original, makes unusual tote bags. Screen printed by Steph Worthington, the Ping Pong bag collection is “complete” only if you buy a pair – both the “ping” and… Continue reading

Jane Foster, Scandinavian Inspired Heart #ToteBag prints

Jane Foster, lives in Devon and has a design studio at home, where she screen prints and sews. She has an academic background in music which she taught for many years, until she realized… Continue reading

Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny Create Witty & Powerful #totebag Phrases

She died of beauty, SS12 has a new collection of t-shirts and tote bags designed by longstanding friends supermodel Erin O’Connor & stylist Kate Halfpenny.The designers say “the only thing we should have… Continue reading

Christine Berrie, Retro Camera #ToteBag prints

Christine Berrie, has finished visual communication at Glasgow School of Art. She has been working as a freelance illustrator, creating drawings and imagery for many clients from various industries and countries. Her work has… Continue reading

Sally Beerworth, The J.O.E Foundation, Slogan #Totebag

Sally Beerworth, a writer, founded The J.O.E Foundation in May 2011 and a percentage of the value paid for the products acquired goes to charity. She started J.O.E. Foundation to help others by… Continue reading

Vietnam with kids, Charitable Reclaimed #ToteBag

“Vietnam with kids” was founded by a single-parent family based in Portland, Oregon, USA who volunteered at orphanages in Vietnam and later taught English in Vietnam. The mother and her 2 kids started… Continue reading

Mike Patterson, Graphic Designer from Oslo, Creates “I shop with this bag” #totebag

Mike Patterson, is a student at graphic design from Oslo. He decided to create his own tote bags when he was studying in Denmark and realized that the price of a plastic bag… Continue reading

Sophie Parker, playful Hand-Drawn Badger and Fox #totebag

SophieParker, lives in London and has a BA in Textile Design. She has a passion for patterns, colours, cats and tea. Her work and tote bags has a focus on animals, friendship and… Continue reading

Sass & Peril, Shannon Kennedy, Creates Lions, Raccoons, Kittens #totebag Prints

Shannon Kennedy is a graphic designer with nearly a decade of experience who decided to leave the rat race and start her own line of handmade goods. She founded Sass & Peril, a… Continue reading

Nupur Goenka, ‘Lets’ Bags Made in India, from Reused Materials #totebag

The “Let’s” bags are made in India from entirely reused materials and their design is unique. The “Letsers” philosophy is to look at dying objects as if they are artifacts and to save… Continue reading

Kraken, Enveloping The Empire State Building #totebag

Kraken in Norwegian is the “legendary creature” while in German it means “octopus”. Now there is also the Kraken tote bag. It is part of a series of other Kraken products. The renowned… Continue reading

Rick Diaz-Granados, Los Angeles Typography, Typographic #totebag

Rick Diaz-Granados lives in Los Angeles and has a passion for typography. Being an art director and designer, he creates unique tote bags with typography in colors or black and white. The tote… Continue reading

Luar Yen, 7 Little Moments, Girl on Swing and Dali #totebag

Three innovative strap tote bags were launched by 7 Little Moments: Girl on Swing and Dali. The brand was founded in October 2010 by Luar Yen, a passionate designer from Hong Kong who… Continue reading

Fluder, One-of-a-kind Tote Bags from Joanna & Agnieszka #totebag

One-of-a-kind tote bags from Joanna and Agnieszka Fluder, made of strong cotton fibers with hand-made original illustrations. The tote bags are big and eco-friendly, made of second hand materials. The two sisters are… Continue reading

Get Fashionable, Get Eco-friendly #totebag

These days, reusable bags are popping up everywhere. Most department stores, even farm and grocery stores these days give out reusable bags – with their brand name imprinted on them. Printed reusable bags… Continue reading

A fun Way to show your Curvy Side, #totebag

Here is a very fun way to show your figure with out showing your figure, how does that work I hear you ask? The above printed tote bag print, cleaverly shows a side… Continue reading

Johnny Cupcakes, London, Carnaby St Shop Totes bags & Things

Johnny Cupcakes has been going from strength to strenght, The Johnny Cupcakes shops has opened earlier this year here in London, Carnaby St, On sale a Collection of Johnny Cupcakes Tote Bags, amongst… Continue reading

Brighton-based Sukie Create Beautiful, Octopus, Tiger, Elephant & Pigeon Stylized Tote Bag Artworks #totebag

Brighton-based Sukie have been producing innovative, functional and fun stationery and printed textiles since 2000. Taking their inspiration from travelling, nature, old printing processes, paper, vintage books and ephemera, Sukie aim to to… Continue reading

Sweetharvey Simple Silhouettes & Good Use of Negative Space, Creates Interesting #ToteBag Prints

Sweetharvey, studio create modern and fresh illustration that come to life in print! Sweetharvey create original  unique screen printed artwork that is individually hand-printed just for you! The robot and fox printed illustrated tote bags… Continue reading

The Purl Bee Blog, Molly’s Sketchbook: The Twenty Minute Tote #totebag

The above tote bags are from a the Purl Bee blog, The Purl Bee you can read about and create fun and approachable projects for you to knit, crochet, sew, stitch and more! These… Continue reading