Berlin Based, Illustration Artist, Ana Albero, Character #totebag Print

ana albero totebag print

ana albero totebag print

Ana Albero is a illustration artist based Berlin. Ana has established a wonderful illustration style, which is rich in narrative and story telling. Ana’s illustrations has a interesting depth full of detail which you can lose yourself in and enjoy, not a bad way to pass the time, I could easily spend a whole bunch of time going through Ana’a colourful and quirky illustrated website.

The cobalt blue chinchillas tote bag print, is cute and erie at the same time. The one colour print, is bold, with the female illustrated character holding a couple of cute chinchillas.

Chinchillas are generally very cute an furry critters you would want to hold and may be even stroke. Ana’s tote bag print you might just think to head down to the pet store and buy some furry chinchillas, as they look very cute in Ana’s illustration style, or you could simply head over t ana’s shop for some furry cuteness. I think  You might certainly be given a few stares and double glances carry this little number, head over to Ana’s online shop to pick up this amazing tote bag.