Marseille Based Illustrator, Lolita Picco, Creates Collage inspired #Totebag Printed Designs

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Lolita Picco is an illustrator and designer based in Marseille, France. Lolita creates surreal collage illustrations, which are created for print and clothing, some of Lolita’s illustrations have been created into little products for her online Etsy shop, which include, Badges, Tote Bags and greeting cards. Lolita has worked for a selection of design agencies based in France.

Lolita enjoys making people smile with her artwork, she is a big collector of photographs, papers, and vintage magazines, and uses these raw material in her illustration work, which also includes many of her person family photos, where she believes it give these items a second life. The idea of ​​recycling is very obvious is Lolita’s work. Expressions inspire Lolita’s work lot, she is inspired by the positive energy from friends, family and clients regarding her work, which encourages her to create more and produce fresh and colorful universe that does not take itself seriously.

I found these tote bags on Lolita’s website, I was instantly drawn to them for the tote bag blog, I especially like the ‘Morue Forver’ tote bag. It’s a simple yet effective tote bag bag print inspired in the style of tattoo artwork. Why not take this tote bag with you on a sailing trip, or to the seaside.

If you like surrealism and collage you wont go wrong with these tote bags, the first Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit, you will certainly be spreading the joy with that message on your tote bag especially around the shopping aisles. The Second tote bag ‘Cest pas toi cest moi’ which translates as, Its not you, its me. Is quite a strange little tote bag with 2 identical looking women in vector and photographic collage style, im not sure of the kind of message you will be sending out with this bag, but lets go with it, as it’s a pretty fun looking tote bag.